By Mike Kelly Priest River, ID

"I am happy to say that this serious condition is no longer a threat."

Several months ago I was diagnosed with a serious life threatening medical condition. I went in to see Dr Lachman for additional support and enhance the effectiveness of the treatments I received. Using his knowledge and experience, Dr. Lachman suggested supplements from Standard Process. I have been taking these supplements for months and I am happy to say that this serious condition is no longer a threat. My health has greatly improved. I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Lachman because he takes the time to listen to my health concerns and educate me on different supplements and treatments I need to get my health back in balance.


By Carla Langdon

"Finally some relief from my seasonal allergies"

I’ve suffered with seasonal allergies for 47 years! After many attempts to alleviate them over the years, Dr Lachman was the only professional to provide relief. An additional benefit from my visits with Dr Lachman is the strengthening of my immune system.

By Patty Dalton Gardens ID

"Pain gone in one treatment"

I have been a patient of the Post Falls Naturopathic Clinic for just two weeks. The first thing I noticed is no more indigestion. I bruised the back of my hand so bad it hurt to bend my fingers. After one treatment with Dr Lachman's energy machine (miHealth) the pain was gone.

Admin note: See the TV show The Doctor’s talk about miHealth or our miHealth page

By Lorinda Morgenthaler

"I was flagged as having thyroid, gallbladder and liver issues"

I found Dr. Lachman at the fair and then came to him at his office back in about 2009. It is almost 2014 now. I was going through papers and found some notes and papers from that visit back in 2009. I was flagged as having thyroid, gallbladder and liver issues through the Asyra Pro system that is used by Dr. Lachman. Even though I wasn’t experiencing any of those problems at the time, they still showed up. Recently, I realized I needed to get back in to Dr Lachman’s office since now I have all those issues. In fact I was only 2 days from gallbladder surgery. It is amazing how the Asyra Pro system picked up these issues a couple of years before the symptoms occurred. So I cancelled the surgery and scheduled an appointment with Dr Lachman. I now have had my second visit and we are working on my health issues and they are improving.

By Sharon Malone

“My pain went from ten to a one”

I met Dr Wade Lachman at the Kootenai County Fair (2013) where I learned more about the naturopathic way to good health and made an appointment for a personal evaluation. At that appointment, he had me hold a gold-colored bar in each hand with wires connected to the Asyra Pro on his  computer while he scanned everything I brought him which I was currently taking (mostly from Super Supplements). He said some things agreed with me but that my body did not like other supplements.

My main goal was to find relief from back pain due to degenerative arthritis and scoliosis in addition to taking what was absolutely necessary so I wouldn’t be wasting money on things that don’t work. Along with some additional supplements from Dr Wade and keeping two of the supplements which did agree with me from Super Supplements, my back pain went from ten to one. Also, I was dealing with acid reflux which he was able to help me with also.

The way he is able to diagnose what is good for you is kind of strange. However, it definitely works, and I am extremely pleased with the results. There are some things you need to go to a doctor for such as broken bones, etc. But when it comes to pai9n, the naturopathic way is the only way to go. Why take drugs with all the side effects when you can control pain naturally?

by Charlene Jones

"How the Asyra assessment and the personalized Homeopathic remedy improved my health."

From the first week after beginning treatment with the homeopathic created by Dr Lachman, my health has been turned around.
I was very much a skeptic when I took the Asyra test at the county fair. I became an AMAZED skeptic very quickly, as I viewed the results of my test on my assessment sheet. That machine knew things about me that NO HUMAN has ever known. Clear down to the fact that I have TMJ. It pinpointed my extremely poor circulation due to Reynaud’s Syndrome. It revealed the fact that the only normal hormonal function in my entire body was being performed by my thyroid gland, to the point that I would go for weeks and months at a time desperate for sleep. Seeing a medical Doctor had had no effect. The Asyra machine even told me I had a problem with shortness of breath, which I hadn’t even noticed, until after the test. Needless to say, I was blown away.
Three days after beginning the homeopathic treatment, I began to notice my jaw muscles were trying to loosening up. After several days they became totally relaxed. After a week on the homeopathic, I began sleeping better every night. All of a sudden, I realized that I was sleeping like a normal human being.
After several weeks, the numbness that extended from my elbows to my fingertips started lessoning and my Reynaud’s attacks became les frequent and less severe. If I did have an attack, my circulation was able to restore itself to my fingertips when I warmed my hands up, which was very difficult and quite frightening before treatment.
I thank God Dr Lachman encouraged me to take his Asyra test and I thank God for the results.

by E.M.B

”I was able to finally get my life back.”

For the Last approximately ten years, I have been unable to live an ordinary life. Everything I needed to do was difficult for me. Extreme fatigue and dizziness took the joy out of life.

I tried many types of doctors and some of them helped to a certain degree and others told me there wasn’t anything wrong with me. It was only after attending Dr. Lachman’s seminar and making an appointment with him was I (was) able to finally get my life back.

I highly recommend Dr Lachman and his procedures.

By Phil Hruskocy

"How Dr Lachman helped my gluten intolerance and nervous conditions"

I was full of nervous energy, being anxious and had a lot of stress in my life. Dr. Lachman’s diagnostics pinpointed calcium deficiencies in my blood levels, pre-mature aging and stress lines in the irises of my eyes. His analysis showed digestion problems, a gluten intolerance that was soon corrected by using vitamin F supplementation along with other essential fatty acids, and dietary and lifestyle changes.

My health improved dramatically as these past nine monthly visits reveal. He addressed issues that often overlapped, and were corrected in the order of priority. I have, at age 54, clearer thinking and decision making abilities then I have had in years. I am finally able to set goals for a more fulfilling and productive life. My patience and hard work under the direction and care of Dr. Lachman have been rewarded. I will continue to be proactive in my healthcare choices. These choices include naturopathic evaluations, NES protocols, dietary support, exercise programs and productive and rewarding work. My levels of energy have never been higher and I am  more focused. I will continue the NES system for maintenance and preventive healthcare.

By Eliza Teague

"How Dr. Lachman helped my emotional distress and other areas of my life."

Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Lachman’s, I was an inwardly desperate woman. My family & I were weathering a lawsuit, and while I was very conscientious about my diet, I didn’t feel well. Emotionally I was a wreck and every day it was a monumental struggle to make myself get out of bed. While there were bright spots, overall I was terribly depressed & losing hope of ever felling better. My doctor was not able to offer me much more than antidepressants & advice to eat well and exercise more. (My weight was creeping up even with a good diet and exercise). While I needed help, I wasn’t willing to go down the antidepressant path.  In addition, I had severe eczema on my hands, my nerves were “shot” and I wasn’t much interested in anything.

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By Lisa Groehler

"How Dr. Lachman helped my insomnia"

I came to see Dr. Lachman at the urging of my friend Angie. I had been suffering from chronic insomnia for more than 8 years. I saw various Doctors, had sleep specialists, sleep studies and had been on every medication in the book, all in the quest for a good night’s sleep. At one point, I ended up in the hospital with severe pneumonia; I knew and had expressed to many doctors, that perhaps there was a “switch” somewhere in my body that was preventing sleep.

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