Remote Scanning

Dr Lachman’s services are available from anywhere!

The Home WellNes system provides a way for anyone to work with Dr Lachman. You can purchase either our NES remote scanner or the NES miHealth Pro device. These will provide our office real time energetic scans of your Body’s Energetic Field that Dr Lachman uses to create your assessment and protocols to improve your well being.  If you purchase the Home miHealth device you also can treat your issues at home anytime.

Remote Scanner 2847469_orig


Those who have utilized this distant consultation method have seen encouraging results and improvement to their health. Dr Lachman will spend the time you need to answer all your questions during your personal phone or Skype consultation. We schedule your consultation time as we would any other appointment.

To take advantage of your distant scan simply click on the Schedule an Appointment” link and fill out the information. Your location does not matter. You can also call the office at 208 773-9108 and simply schedule your appointment or ask any questions. As always we are here to serve you.