A-C Carbamide®


A-C Carbamide supports healthy fluid transfer among tissues.

  • Acts as a physiological diuretic to promote the formation and excretion of urine
  • Promotes healthy fluid levels
  • Encourages healthy urinary flow†

Supplement Facts

Amount per Serving %DV
Calories 6
Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1%*
Vitamin A 2,500 IU 50%
Vitamin C 18 mg 30%
Proprietary Blend: 2,300 mg Carbamide and arrowroot flour.
Other Ingredients Gelatin, water, ascorbic acid, calcium stearate, colors, arabic gum, starch, sucrose (beets), and vitamin A palmitate.
Special Information: Keep bottle tightly closed. This product absorbs moisture.
Supports Healthy Fluid Transfer Among Tissues Water and other fluids pass through cell membranes by a process called osmosis. Like any other bodily process, osmosis depends upon a number of related variables in order to function properly and maintain fluid balance. The rate of osmosis depends on concentrations, temperatures, and electrical charges on either side of the cell membrane. Movement across the cell membrane continues until the concentrations on either side of the membrane become equal. When this delicate balance is interrupted, fluid begins to accumulate in body tissues or is released from body tissues at an abnormal rate. Sitting for an extended period of time in a confined area, for example, in an airplane, can cause fluid buildup in the foot and ankle area. The opposite of fluid retention is abnormal tissue-fluid loss, or dehydration. People who experience excessive periods of sweating or who lose large amounts of fluid from the gastrointestinal tract risk becoming dehydrated.†
How A-C Carbamide Keeps You Healthy Promotes healthy osmotic transfer of tissue fluids Carbamide, also called urea, is a physiological component of blood and all tissue fluids. Because of carbamide’s presence in urine, it has mistakenly been perceived as a waste product. Instead, carbamide is a necessary blood and lymph salt made by the cell to function as an osmotic regulator. Either carbamide or sodium chloride must be available to encourage water output in the kidneys or sweat glands. Carbamide is manufactured in the liver as a byproduct of another chemical process.† Supports kidney function Carbamide acts as a physiological diuretic to promote the formation and excretion of urine.†
Works as a blood buffer salt Carbamide is carbon dioxide combined with ammonia. Due to the chemical makeup of carbamide, it must be considered a blood buffer salt, for while carbamide itself is neutral, it is able to release ammonia to neutralize acids in the presence of urease, the enzyme catalyst.†
Denatures proteins Carbamide denatures protein for mineral salts and reduces the electrical conductivity of water. Arrowroot flour contains digestible calcium and other important minerals.†

What Makes A-C Carbamide Unique

Product Attributes Contains a unique blend of ingredients for a variety of nutritional benefits ›› Vitamins A and C complexes are essential for the maintenance of proper kidney function and, when combined with carbamide, will encourage osmotic transfer of tissue fluids promoting healthy systemic fluid balance ›› Mixed with arrowroot flour to promote digestibility and provide mineral support†
Manufacturing and Quality-Control Processes
  • Not disassociated into isolated components
  • The nutrients in A-C Carbamide are processed to remain intact, complete nutritional compounds Degreed microbiologists and chemists in our on-site laboratories continually conduct bacterial and analytical tests on raw materials, product batches, and finished products
  • Ensures consistent quality and safety Vitamin and mineral analyses validate product content and specifications ›› Assures high-quality essential nutrients are delivered  
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Please consult the product packaging label for the most accurate product information.
† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.