Pleo Sanum Remedies

pH-indicator paper for ALKALA

Litmus paper strips for testing pH (acid-base) values.

Booklet of 48 pH strips

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Pleo-Rebasan Capsules

Pleo-Rebasan Capsules (Rebas) is an organotherapy remedy containing Peyer’s patches.  Peyer’s patches are found in the small intestine and are classified as ‘gut associated lymphoid tissue,’ playing a significant role within the immune system.  Pleo-Rebasan Capsules are used for chronic and recurrent inflammations, including disorders of the humoral body defense, gastrointestinal conditions, chronic hepatitis, and tonsillitis. Traditionally in European Biological Medicine it is used as a key remedy in all intestinal rebuilding protocols.


Price: $89.99

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Pleo-SANUVIS drops 100ml

Pleo Sanuvis is L (+) lactic acid that is used to increase mitochondrial respiration, decrease lactic acid (-) build-up in the muscles and lower blood pH. It also supports treatment while using Pleo Muc (Mucokehl), by increasing Mucor racemosus activity.


• Acidum L (+) lacticum

Suitable for vegetarians.

Price: $45.90

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