Adrenal Desiccated


Adrenal Desiccated supports endocrine health.

  • Contains nutritional components of the bovine adrenal glands, which handle stress
  • Provides powerful short-term adrenal support for immediate energy needs
  • Supports immune system function, which can be compromised when adrenal fatigue sets in†
  • Introduced in 1959

Promotes Endocrine Health and Normal Cellular Function

The use of glandular therapy, in which specific animal organ and gland tissues are ingested for the concentrated nutrients present in them, enjoys a long history of use across a variety of cultures. The basic premise in glandular therapy is that glands from animals will have a healthy effect on the same glands in humans. Glandular therapy helps organs maintain a healthy state. Bovine adrenal is combined with carrot powder in Adrenal Desiccated to provide concentrated nutrients that are especially supportive to their parallel tissues in the human body. Carrot powder provides concentrated antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamins a and  C. The vitamins and minerals contained in Adrenal Desicatted enable enzymes and hormones to function properly, contributing to the healthy maintenance of the adrenal, nervous, endocrine, and immune functions, as well as other control functions for the body.

How Adrenal Desiccated Keeps You Healthy

Keeps your cardiovascular system healthy

Carrots provide silicon and several other nutrients that help keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Carrots also provide fiber to promote gastrointestinal health.

Promotes healthy cellular function

Bovine adrenal helps support the endocrine system, promoting the health of several physiological functions throughout the body. Bovine adrenal provides the complete amino acid content for rebuilding proteins involved in the adrenal gland. Silicon found in carrots is essential for construction of connective tissue throughout the body.

Supports immune function

Carrots contain important antioxidants and nutrients that aid and stimulate the immune system. The antioxidants contained in carrots, like beta carotene and chlorogenic acid, help protect the body from free radicals. Silicon conteracts the effects of aluminum and also stimulates immune function.

What Makes Adrenal Desiccated Unique

Product Attributes

Contains vitamins and minerals from bovine adrenal and carrot root

  • Enables enzyme system and hormones to function properly — contributing to the healthy maintenance of adrenal, nervous, endocrine, and immune functions

Contains carrots

  • Provides the antioxidant beta-carotene
  • Supplies several other important antioxidants that protect the body from harmful free radicals

Whole desiccated products provide optimum nutrient activity

  • To support the general healthy function of the adrenal glands and the important roles they play in the proper function of many other organ systems

Multiple nutrients from a variety of plant and animal sources

  • Bovine adrenal tissues provide nutrients and support to the corresponding tissues in humans
  • Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from plants and animal tissues work synergistically for maximum effect

Manufacturing and Quality-Control Processes

Low-temperature, high-vacuum drying technique

  • Preserves the enzymatic vitality and nutritional potential of ingredients

Not disassociated into isolated components

  • The nutrients in Adrenal Desiccated are processed to remain intact, complete nutritional compounds

Degreed microbiologists and chemists in our on-site laboratories continually conduct bacterial and analytical test on raw materials, product batches, and finished products

  • Ensures consistent quality and safty

Vitamin and mineral analyses validate product content and specifications

  • Assures high-quality essential nutrients are delivered.


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* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Please consult the product packaging label for the most accurate product information.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.