Asyra Pro Health Screening System Launched

Revolutionary Laser Technology and updated Asyra launched April 24th 2009 at The University of Westminster.


Leading integrative health and complementary medicine practitioners gathered at The University of Westminster on April 24th 2009, to join keynote speaker Mark Galloway, developer of the Asyra Pro, for the launch of the Asyra Pro. Guests witnessed the introduction of the system, a full demonstration of its exciting new features, and had a chance to meet and talk with the designer.

Notes From The Launch

EFT Protocol. If you wish to very rapidly explore what kinds of emotional issues are affecting your client without using flower remedies, the EFTprotocol allows you to do so, and to find the affirmations that will assist in moving the issues on. You can also imprint remedies. The use of tapping sequences is not necessarily required.

Emotional Correlation. The Asyra Pro now also includes a filter to allow identification of links between particular physical symptoms and a particular emotional state.

Enhanced Graphics. The Asyra Pro’s Comprehensive Analysis protocol now indicates the part of the body being screened. and numerical display of unbalanced items.

Cancer Susceptibility. This experimental protocol using different potencies of the Carcinosinum miasm can be used to give an indication of the susceptibility to cancer on an energetic and biochemical level, which may be a pre-cursor to physical manifestation.

Saliva Samples. Generating a nosode from a saliva sample is yet another way to give a highly individualised remedy to help clear up infections in your clients.

Laser Remedy Delivery. Low-level laser technology plays an important part in kick-starting the healing process. Application of the laser is simple. Remedies are stored on a coil in the laser and can be transferred to the patient by slowly sweeping the body and ear three times. The process can be repeated after each screening session. The laser can also be used to apply treatments to individual acupoints.

Please click here to view a video demonstration of the new Asyra Pro.


In addition to being the fastest probeless screening device, the Asyra Pro continues to lead the industry by introducing the direct application of individualised remedies via low-energy laser. This technique, based on the work of Dr Lee Cowden in the US, is designed to kick start the healing process. The Asyra Pro also incorporates new ease of use features such as enhanced graphics, numerical results coding and extended remedy descriptions.