Skeleton of the man. 3D the image of a man's skeleton under a transparent skin


Bones:  Just good information.

  • Your body should be losing bone everyday! Yes you read that right; I said that you should be losing bone everyday. Bone loss is a natural part of the body’s renewal process. Our bones are dynamic, living structures providing strength and support to our entire life. Bones are a connective tissue consisting of bone-building osteoblast cells, stationary osteocytes, and bone-destroying osteoclast cells. Our bones are renewed and kept strong when osteoclast cells remove old, brittle or diseased bone and osteoblast cells rebuild new strong, healthy bone by depositing calcium and other bone building elements at these sites.
  • Those suffering with osteopenia or osteoporosis might be tempted to take a biophosphate drug like Fosamax to ward off bone loss.  The problem with this approach is that these drugs only stop your body’s normal process of clearing away the old, brittle or diseased bone. When aged bone is not removed new, strong, healthy bone cannot be deposited by the osteoblast cells. Open sites for the fresh bone are not available because the old bone still occupies those sites. Biophosphates may stop your bone loss but your bones slowly grow older and weaker.
  • Osteoporosis is not a problem of losing the old bone; rather it is the predicament of not gaining new bone. Drug companies are fully aware that biophosphate drugs have serious side effects and no long-term studies showing efficacy. These drugs do nothing for the formation of new, strong, healthy bone. Instead they interfere with the shedding of old bone. The notion of blocking osteoclast cells from their normal function of removing old and diseased bone cannot work for the long term. You might gain an improved bone density scan, but it is only creating an old brittle, weak skeleton. Is there a better solution?
  • Restoring and maintaining the natural bone replacement function of healthy live bone cells is the key to avoiding osteoporosis. There are several components to this process that must be in place. Your body requires the correct pH levels to take up calcium. You must ingest absorbable calcium along with other bone building nutrients. Proper hormone balance is a must for both men and women and your energetic field must remain open, not blocking the metabolism of calcium.
  • Ancient cultures have said, and now modern science is proving, that everything consists of energy – including our bodies. Your “body-field” surrounds and infuses your physical body. It directs information to the cells, DNA, organs, and other systems of your body, so that they communicate and function properly. When information is distorted in your body-field, there is a corresponding effect in your physical body.
  • The small intestine energetic meridian is foundational to the body’s ability to digest and assimilate food through the small intestine (including the stomach and duodenum) and the mucous membrane linings. The seat of calcium metabolism is found in this energetic meridian. It affects bone tissue, neurological and muscular activity and a wide variety of metabolic functions. This meridian governs the spine and segmental sclerotomes which are the bony, cartilaginous, or membranous partitions which separate each spinal nerve supplying the muscles. As you can see, when there is a distortion in the small intestine meridian both bones and muscles will suffer.
  • The small intestine energetic meridian’s strongest relationship is to the bone matrix of the skeleton as a whole. Thus, when it’s distorted or blocked calcium metabolism will be inhibited. Both osteoclast and osteoblast cells will be in confusion and the body’s ability to restore bone inefficient. Therefore, using energetic medicine along with proper nutrition is vital to maintaining bone health.
  • Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Its role in bone health cannot be understated. Calcium is used in many functions: the formation of bone and teeth, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, inflammation and repair of tissue, immune system function and cardio function. Calcium is absorbed mainly in the duodenum in a highly acidic environment, which is why antacids are a poor choice to maintain calcium levels. In addition, acid blockers hinder the absorption of calcium.
  • To maintain or restore bone health, not only do we need to balance our energetic field, but we need to supplement with quality whole food nutrients. The bones require more than just calcium. Chlorophyll and vitamin C are important in building bones. Many trace minerals along with boron, strontium and silica are used to build your bone matrix. Cartilage, tendons, and ligaments must be maintained as well as the bone ends. Proper oils and essential fatty acids: Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s must be in balance. A diet full of live foods and good protein is a necessity. You must maintain a urine pH of 6.8 while having a high acidic digestive system. Weight bearing exercise also stimulates bone restoration. Lifting weights is essential for bone health.
  • From ancient times the entire health of the body was related to the bone health. An unhealthy person was said to have dry or brittle bones. Bones represents your whole being. Your bones are the foundation to your physical being. Blood is created in the center of the bone, thus your very life force, your blood, finds its origin in your bones. To have healthy bones is to be healthy.
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