Human head and brain. Different kind of waveforms produced by brain activity shown on background. Digital illustration.

Healing Intelligence

Your body has a wonderful intelligence. It is a marvel filled with a dynamic aptitude for health. Energy surges through the body with a vibrant life force. So, why is there such a struggle with disease? What hinders this healing energy and drains your vigor and vim? Why do so many suffer various illnesses and lose their exuberant vitality? These of course are not simple questions. Yet if you apply straightforward and basic principles to your lifestyle, optimal health crashes in dispelling every malady and crushes every degenerative disease. The blockages to your healing potential dissolve.

Americans tend to believe that major health improvements will happen by simply eliminating or reducing a bad habit. We look for the instant fix – the microwave cure. So we plunge headlong into a new fad diet that promises miracle results or we vow to stop eating or drinking our favorite treat. Sometimes we look to the “magic remedy” to fix us. By taking this newfound secret nutrient that obscure native people have used for thousands of years — all your health problems will disappear. Right!   The simple truth is the path to a strong, vibrant, healthy life has many aspects. Regaining a powerful health platform is a process.

Our health is influenced by an interaction between major health factors. Imbalance in any of these can contribute to disease. The cause of disease is multi-factorial. External health such as diet, lifestyle/environment and attitude can alter your internal health such as immune function, micro flora and pH balance. These can then translate into changes in cell function leaving the body susceptible to illness.

As a Naturopath, my goal is to remove the underlying causes of disease, to re-establish balance within the body’s energetic system, and strengthen the immune system. There are basic steps to rebalancing your health. You must put in the time and discipline to address each area using lifestyle changes, nutritional, and energetic remedies aimed at removing the underlying causes or imbalances.

One step is to remove blockages to the physical and energetic healing process. This is done by evaluating your Bio-energetic field. Toxic damage and blockages are revealed. We also evaluate which organ systems are weak and need to be reinforced.  Energetic remedies will unlock your body’s natural ability to detoxify. Organ and tissue weakness can be corrected restoring your body’s energetic flow.

Over your live you will consume the equilivant of 292 of these aluminum balls

We must admit that we live in a toxic world. Toxins, parasites, and energetic smog all engender weakness that blocks our health.  Everyone is confronted with toxic metals (misnamed heavy metals since not all heavy metals are toxic and not all light metals are safe).

Over a lifespan, an average person will take into their bodies 1 tsp arsenic, 1 tsp lead, 1/3 tsp mercury, 1 tsp nickel, 300 mg cadmium, 80 mcg uranium, and a whopping 1460 grams of aluminum. A 12-inch square of aluminum foil is about five grams. Over your life you will ingest the equivalent of 292 twelve-inch square sheets of aluminum. Not a comforting thought when you consider all the havoc these toxins play on your health.

Often my patients are amazed when my Energetic assessment reveals their environmental toxicity.  Both toxic chemicals and metals play a significantly infamous role in well being. Cancers, coronary conditions, premature aging, dementia, brain fog, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia all have been linked to toxic overload.

What can be done to clean up this toxic sludge that pollutes our bodies? The use of various non-evasive chelating agents administered through suppositories or homeopathic remedies has provided wonderful results in cleaning up toxic overloads. Specialized herbal remedies also are able to target and support the body’s cleansing process. Energetic remedies increase the body’s awareness to its need for purification by providing correct internal information to the cells.

Parasites, yeasts, molds, and Candida all weaken our systems integrity by hindering the absorption of vital nutrients. These also produce their own cocktail of noxious substances increasing the deluge of toxic mire coursing through our bodies. These can be addressed through specific, personalized natural health protocols including the correct diet for the condition, whole food nutritional supplementation, and targeted herbal and homeopathic remedies.

In every detoxification and purification process it is vital to maintain healthy elimination and liver support.  In addition, you should re-establish the micro flora in that has been altered or destroyed by medications, antibiotics, poor diet, and diseases. This of course has to do with colon health. It has been said that all disease begins in the colon and the path to health is through the bowels. A woman might win a man through his stomach, but you will win back your health through your bowels.

When you combine the power of energetic medicine with a sound nutritional foundation that incorporates whole food supplementation, enzymes therapy, and sensible purification; you break down the blockages to your health and ignite the fire of your body’s curative powers. Indeed, you will experience a whole new level of wellness – those nasty degenerative diseases won’t stand a chance!

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