Metabolic Antagonist and Nutritional Antidotes

As a child I was one of those kids who always had a runny nose. Often I would suffer the embarrassment of having to blow my nose in front of the class because the teacher would only allow us to use her Kleenex on her desk. I would have to walk up in front of the whole class and then honk and honk to clear my nasal passages. How precious a deep breath of air became. I had a drugged childhood with weekly antigen injections, handfuls of anti-histamine drugs and over-the-counter remedies. One major root to my problem was the fact that my parents smoked in the home. The stale fog of toxic tobacco smoke always lingered in my residence. Thus, my very environment was dragging down my health, while the remedies I was given increased the toxic overload prolonging the condition. It was not till stopping the drug therapies and moving to a natural approach did I discover a symptom free life.

Many illnesses are caused by the body’s inability to absorb nutrients because the source of these nutrients is hostile to the body. Often our foods, which contain vital nutrition, become the adversary. The medical profession and many with an alterative approach use the term allergy to describe these sensitivities. The difficulty with using a term like allergy is that it implies a permanent, incurable condition. You have allergies. It is your genetic make up. It is how you are. You can take anti-histamines to control them, but you will never be free; it is incurable. You will be a slave to these drugs for life. I have found this to be false both personally and in my practice.

Rather than thinking of these sensitivities as allergies, let’s use the terminology “Metabolic Antagonist”. It does not matter if the antagonist is from our food or something environmental (pollen), for every metabolic antagonist there is a nutritional antidote. Many people with so-called incurable conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, Herpes, and many others are restored to vibrant health. We must avoid using terms such as healed or cured. Let’s just say that many, by applying the correct nutritional antidote have become symptom free.

The nutritional antidote could be a vitamin, mineral, amino acid, herb, cell salt, homeopathic, or Infoceutical remedy. The specific metabolic antagonist and the antidote needed to neutralize it can both be discovered energetically. In addition, synergistic nutrients support and act as catalysts to assist in the absorption of the antidote.

An example of this is the fact that great numbers of the population are suffering from deficiency in B-complex vitamins. This is due to the high stressed, over stimulated, adrenal exhausting lifestyles we live. Nutritional Yeast is promoted by the health food industry as a wonderful source of B vitamins. Yet, over 50% struggle with severe reactions to nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is their metabolic antagonist. Thus, they are reactive to one of the main food sources to B-complex vitamins. They might turn to fragmented or synthetic B vitamins; however these are harsh and further stress the body. Fragmented or synthetic nutrients lack the elegant restorative elements of food source vitamins.

The reason nutritional yeast has become reactive is because of a Zinc deficiency. Zinc is the mineral important for the absorption of nutritional yeast. Therefore, a sensitivity to yeast can be corrected by administering Zinc. There are many wonderful herbs rich in zinc and B vitamins such as Pau d’Arco, Red Clover, and Comfrey. The amino acid necessary to alleviate yeast sensitivity is Lysine, which is also found in Comfrey.

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