ESR Emotional Stress Release

ESR is correlated bioenergetically with increased processing in the medulla, and thus may help resolve issues by helping to organize incoming data into coherent patterns.

Emotional Stress Release - ESR

The Emotional Stress Release (ESR) Infoceutical has been found to be helpful for relieving general day to day stress.

  • ┬áStress results when incoming data is not correctly processed into patterns.
  • ESR has the effect of helping the medulla process data faster and thus resolves issues into correct patterns.
  • ESR can be used as an aid when an Infoceutical program results in emotional "flair ups" or the person is feeling low during the healing process.
  • When a person is "stressed" their ability to absorb food is compromised as is their ability to process thoughts. For this reason ESR has been found helpful in aiding nutrient absorption.

Price: $35.50

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