The name means 'liberation from being trapped in the past'.

It matches with all emotions associated with the Brainstem, Cerebellum, Cerebral Medulla and Cerebral Cortex and removes energy blocks in these areas. It helps ensure that emotions flow in the correct direction within the body-field.

  • Liberator has the extremely important function of restoration of information flow between Central Nervous System, the subconscious Matrix and the Heart, where the fields have become misaligned or non-coherent.
  • Liberator has been designed to assist where the HBF is imploding due to the inability to take Source Energy inwards generally or at specific locations which may manifest as disease patterns. It also matches with microtubules in the nervous system.

This Infoceutical is considered to be very powerful and should only be used at minimal dose at first. Maximum 6 drops for the first two weeks. Extreme care should be taken when used with psychological conditions.

Price: $35.50

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