When we speak of love, we don't mean the Hollywood interpretation of love as seen in the movies!

  • Unity¬†
  • Balance

When love is in balance you are in a state of true and unconditional love, and you do what is right for everyone involved, this includes yourself!

  • Love in this context is referring to a unity connection with everything. It is not just the realization that we are all one, it is also the feeling that we are too.
  • When love is in balance a state of true and unconditional love is experienced.
  • This Infoceutical is designed to help bring balance to the state of oneness of love which relates to the crown chakra.

One of the imbalances can be loving too much. You might find others taking advantage of you and that you end up giving more than you receive.

The other side of this is being unable to receive love from others. You may feel cut off from source, disconnected, or lacking in any strong positive emotional feelings. It is the opposite of unity.

A further imbalance of this characteristic is not being able to give love. Many people withhold love because of fear. While there are those who believe that it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all, people who withhold love express the opposite.

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