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Our Initial Consultation is comprehensive and is in two sessions.  First, we evaluate your system survey covering over 200 specific health questions and symptoms.  Then, we can scan you with the Asyra Pro system to determine stresses, weaknesses and remedies that resonate with your body.  In addition, we do several physical tests to determine your foundational integrity and general health.

Second, a few days later we test you with the NES system which gives us a quantum look at your overall human body field. We are able to determine your energy flow, energetic blockages, emotional issues that are creating blockages to your body fields’ vitality.

Each of the above visits make up our initial consultation.

Price: $185.00

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The name means ‘liberation from being trapped in the past’.

It matches with all emotions associated with the Brainstem, Cerebellum, Cerebral Medulla and Cerebral Cortex and removes energy blocks in these areas. It helps ensure that emotions flow in the correct direction within the body-field.

  • Liberator has the extremely important function of restoration of information flow between Central Nervous System, the subconscious Matrix and the Heart, where the fields have become misaligned or non-coherent.
  • Liberator has been designed to assist where the HBF is imploding due to the inability to take Source Energy inwards generally or at specific locations which may manifest as disease patterns. It also matches with microtubules in the nervous system.

This Infoceutical is considered to be very powerful and should only be used at minimal dose at first. Maximum 6 drops for the first two weeks. Extreme care should be taken when used with psychological conditions.

Price: $33.50

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Lymplex capsules contain a blend of 10 organic and wildcrafted herbs designed to strengthen and tighten the lymph nodes and junctions as well as cleanse and flush out the 45 pints of fluid in our lymphatic system.

The lymph system, which includes the 1,000,000+ nodes as well as specialized organs, such as the spleen, tonsils, thymus and appendix, is responsible for proper immune function, as well as the direct drainage and detoxification of the blood and interstitial fluids.

Lymplex capsules can be used to support the body in maintaining a healthy immune response at the first sign of a sore throat or general malaise, or as part of a complete detox program.
Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic or wildcrafted ginger, echinacea augustifolia, echinacea purpura, astragalus, cleavers, calendula, red root, lobelia, mullein, burdock and silicon dioxide. The capsules and all contents of this product are vegetarian.

Removing Toxins

Every day your cells create waste products which they need to get rid of. The lymphatic system bathes the cells like a gently flowing stream removing these metabolic wastes and keeping your cells clean and happy.
Thus, one aspect of the lympatic system can be likened to the garbagemen of a metropolitan city. No one notices or appreciates them until they go on strike and garbage starts piling up everywhere making the city unlivable.
If you want to keep your cells clean and happy, keep your lymphatic system healthy.

Destroying Infections

Every day we are assaulted by thousands of viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. One of the jobs of the lymphatic system is to recognize these infections and destroy them. In this way, the lymphocytes (the white blood cells of the lymphatic system) are constantly on patrol like your own private police force.

Cells like Natural Killer T cells are specialized attack cells that can recognize certain stealth infections and tumors. Memory T cells keep a record of every infection you have ever been exposed to so the next time you are exposed to the same or a similar infection, your immune system respond almost instantaneously.

Price: $89.00

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Micellized D3 1200 *High Potency* 1 fl oz

Micellized D3™ is a natural, soy-free form of Vitamin D provided in a water-soluble micellized form.  The micellization process produces tiny droplets (micelles) that are then formed into highly absorbable aggregate structures.  Micellization greatly increases the solubility, absorption and bioavailability of our vitamin D3 over oil or emulsified forms.*

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Each Drop (.04 ml) Contains:
Vitamin D-3 (as cholecalciferol) ………………………. 1,200 IU
Other Ingredients: Deionized water, ethoxylated castor oil, glycerine, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative), potassium sorbate.
Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for children under one year old.
Directions: Take one drop daily in 1-2 ounces of juice or water or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
 Gluten Free

Price: $25.00

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Muscle Driver

Muscles give us mobility and ability to physically bring animation to our thoughts and emotions

  • Aid in metabolic processes 
  • Gives mobility 
  • Assists in the creative cycle  

ED9 – Muscle Driver (Primary driver for muscular activity).

The muscle system represents the largest group of tissues in the body (about half the body weight). The muscle driver field is generated as the muscles extend and contract in every day physical actions. Errors can occur in this field when muscles are functioning incorrectly, there is a build up of toxins or physical movement is restricted. Past emotions and shocks are also stored within muscles and can affect the field.

  • The ED9 Infoceutical is designed to correct the muscle field by removing any blockages caused by incorrect oxygen uptake, lead pollution or residues of common organisms.
  • It may also boost the availability to muscles of common minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.
  • ED9 may be able to improve muscle performance in cases where detoxification is required.
  • The muscles and muscle driver field can store emotional issues and physical trauma memories, that may form a foci for chronic health conditions. ED9 is designed to aid muscle field repair and liberate stored emotions and traumas.
  • This is a dynamic Infoceutical that centres on the muscle functions, and can be used as a key part to neuro-muscular therapy of any type.
  • The muscle driver field is associated with the maturation process of monocyte white blood cells.
  • Muscles and joints may actually ache more when chronic arthritis sufferers take the correction to the muscle field. 

Price: $33.50

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Natto LP

  • 100% Vegetable Capsules
  • Vegan Enzymes
  • Made in USA
  • Not a Proprietary Blend
  • Functional in a wide pH Range
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Fillers
  • Plant-Derived
  • GMP Certified
  • Mfg. in an Organically Certified Facility

a simple solution to Cardiovascular Health Superior Systemic Enzyme Blend…

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the nation’s leading killer for both men and women. Almost 42% of American deaths each year are from CVD, which adds up to almost 1 million deaths per year. Studies reveal that CVD is even on the rise for both sexes between the ages of 35 and 55. Now is the time to be pro-active in countering CVD.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Supplemental Facts & Serving Size Why We Need Systemic Enzymes How Does Natto LP Work Practitioners Recommendation  Nattokinase Research Studies 

Why Allegany’s Systemic Enzyme?

The Natto-LP contains the most potent form of nattokinase on the market. The Natto-LP is formulated to work synergistically with the body to assist in a wide range of cardiovascular imbalances. Unlike some approaches to cardiovascular health, our systemic enzyme attacks the underlying imbalances instead of the symptoms. Our enzymes are produced in an Organically Certified facility that is FDA inspected. Our product contains no fillers, yeast, dairy, wheat, soy, gluten or corn and is free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. We use the highest quality raw materials to produce superior results. We don’t formulate proprietary blends to conceal the amounts of ingredients in our products. We want our customers to know exactly what they are getting, not guessing. We want you to be able to compare our products to others if you want. All ingredients are clearly listed on the bottle using the latest units of activity based on the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American Food Industry. The Natto-LP contains 6 enzymes other than Nattokinase. The purpose of these other enzymes is to help cleanse the body of undigested particles. The most important of these other 6 enzymes is protease, lipase, and peptidase. No other product on the market contains as much protease, lipase, and peptidase in a systemic enzyme formulation. Nattokinase should always be taken with systemic enzymes to help increase the effectiveness of the product. natto_label   Natto LP™ Features:
  • 100% Vegetarian Capsules
  • Made in USA
  • Not a Proprietary Blend
  • Available in 120 Capsules
  • 60 Day Supply – Maintenance
  • 30 Day Supply – Therapeutic
  • Formulated by enzyme specialists
  • No Fillers
  • Single Capsule Dosage
  • High Potency Enzyme Supplement
  • Plant-Derived
  • Functional in a wide pH Range

Price: $73.00

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Natural Defense Formula

Natural Defense Formula is carefully balanced with powerful immune enhancers. Its combination improves general health, Supports the Immune System, and helps increase resistance to stress, fatigue, tension, and irritability. Immune Balance is a revolutionary liquid vitamin formula, bringing the most widely used immune boosters into a single supplement.  LEARN MORE


Additional DescriptionMore Details

Supplement Facts

Natural Defense Formula Serving size 1 oz. Directions: Shake well. Refrigerate after opening. May be mixed with juice for best taste. Settling is normal. Protect from heat, light, & moisture. As with any natural product, color and taste may vary. Recommended Use: 1 fl. oz. daily
Amount per 1 oz. % Daily Value†
Calories 32
Total Carbohydrates 1
Sugars 1
Sodium 20 mg < 1%
Vitamin C (as Calcium ascorbate) 240 mg 400%
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 400 iu 100%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol acetate) 60 iu 200%
Wellbody 365™ 132 mg **
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root and leaf extract, Maitake (Grifola frondosa) fruit body extract.
Proprietary Blend 600 mg **
NutraFlora® ScFOS prebiotic blend, Elderberry juice, Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) leaf extract, Stevia leaf extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract
Other Ingredients: Purified water, Aloe vera juice, Organic agave cactus nectar, Vegetable glycerin USP, Citric acid, Natural flavoring, Lou han guo, Xanthan gum, Potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness), Potassium benzoate (to preserve freshness.
† Based on a 2000 calorie diet ** Daily Value Not EstablishedCONTAINS NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING OR FLAVORING, SUGAR, STARCH, SALT, WHEAT, GLUTEN, YEAST, OR MILK DERIVATIVESCONTAINS SOY100% VEGETARIANTHESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. THIS PRODUCT IS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT AND IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT , CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. MADE IN THE USA Wellbody 365 ™ is a trademark of NutraGenesis, LLC and is protected under U.S. Patents 6,713,092 and 5,854,404. NutraFlora® is a registered trademark of CPIngredients, Inc., used under license.

Price: $36.00

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Nature’s Ultimate Defense 16oz

Nature’s Ultimate Defense contains over 50 east European Elderberries per serving. Full spectrum daily immune support with vitamins C, D, Zinc, and herbal defense from Ashwagandha, Maitake Mushroom, and Olive Leaf.

This formula dynamically works to support your immune system’s fight against viral and pathogenic attacks.

Price: $38.00

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Nerve Driver

ED4 – Nervous System Driver (Primary driver for nervous system function).

  • Maintains nervous system integrity, health and functions
  • Designed to correct the balance of delta and alpha waves to promote a feeling of calmness and aid restful sleep
  • Promotes the generation of the whole nervous system energetic field, which is required for correct nervous system function and neurological integrity, including maturation process of the neuroblasts (embryonic nerve cells) 

The nervous system helps with the control and integration of all body activities by sensing changes, interpreting them and reacting. It uses complex electrochemical signals and patterns, which include brain waves and generates the Nervous System Driver field. The western lifestyle of over-stimulation, sensory over-load and mental over-activity can disturb the brain waves, particularly the delta waves (deep sleep) and alpha waves (relaxation).

  • The ED4 Infoceutical is designed to correct the balance of delta and alpha waves to promote a feeling of calmness and aid restful sleep.
  • ED4 promotes the generation of the whole nervous system energetic field, which is required for correct nervous system function and neurological integrity.
  • The nervous system driver field helps with the maturation process of the Neuroblasts (embryonic nerve cells).
  • Nervous System energy fields are adversely affected by the following pollutants, and ED4 has been designed to help assist with their removal:
  • Butanols (hydrocarbon solvents),
  • Chlorpyrifos (common organophosphate pesticide),
  • Heptane (solvent),
  • Diphtheria vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Tetanus vaccination

Price: $33.50

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NES miHealth Pro Device

miHealth Pro is a non-invasive and effective PMF device for reducing stress, releasing and re-educating energy flow, muscles, nerves, organs and areas of the body.images (1) 2847469_orig See miHealth demonstrated on the Doctors Show The miHealth Pro Device can also act as a remote scanning device. You will be able to work with Dr Lachman from anywhere.

Watch the Getting Started video below for more information on how the home miHealth works



Price: $3,450.00

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