Muscle Driver

Muscles give us mobility and ability to physically bring animation to our thoughts and emotions

  • Aid in metabolic processes 
  • Gives mobility 
  • Assists in the creative cycle  

ED9 - Muscle Driver (Primary driver for muscular activity).

The muscle system represents the largest group of tissues in the body (about half the body weight). The muscle driver field is generated as the muscles extend and contract in every day physical actions. Errors can occur in this field when muscles are functioning incorrectly, there is a build up of toxins or physical movement is restricted. Past emotions and shocks are also stored within muscles and can affect the field.

  • The ED9 Infoceutical is designed to correct the muscle field by removing any blockages caused by incorrect oxygen uptake, lead pollution or residues of common organisms.
  • It may also boost the availability to muscles of common minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.
  • ED9 may be able to improve muscle performance in cases where detoxification is required.
  • The muscles and muscle driver field can store emotional issues and physical trauma memories, that may form a foci for chronic health conditions. ED9 is designed to aid muscle field repair and liberate stored emotions and traumas.
  • This is a dynamic Infoceutical that centres on the muscle functions, and can be used as a key part to neuro-muscular therapy of any type.
  • The muscle driver field is associated with the maturation process of monocyte white blood cells.
  • Muscles and joints may actually ache more when chronic arthritis sufferers take the correction to the muscle field. 

Price: $35.50

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