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Seven Steps to Rebalancing Your Health


Americans tend to believe that major health improvements will happen by simply eliminating or reducing a bad habit. We look for the instant fix – the microwave cure. So we plunge headlong into a new fad diet that promises miracle results or we vow to stop eating or drinking our favorite treat. Sometimes we look to the “magic remedy” to fix us. By taking this newfound secret nutrient that obscure native people have used for thousands of years — all your health problems will disappear. Right!   The simple truth is the path to a strong, vibrant, healthy life has many aspects. Regaining a powerful health platform is a process.

Our health is influenced by an interaction between major health factors. Imbalance in any of these can contribute to disease. The cause of disease is multi-factorial. External health such as diet, lifestyle/environment and attitude can alter your internal health such as immune function, micro-flora and pH balance. These can then translate into changes in cell function leaving the body susceptible to illness.

As a Naturopath, my goal is to remove the underlying causes of disease, to re-establish balance within the body’s energetic system, and strengthen the immune system. There are seven basic steps to re-balancing your health. We must put in the time and discipline to address each area using lifestyle changes, nutritional, and energetic remedies aimed at removing the underlying causes or imbalances.

Re-balance immune function and energetic communication, a vital first step. Our cells have their own micro-circulation taking in nutrition and oxygen then excreting waste. If cells do not absorb the required components for proper function, health declines. Such components may be found in the blood stream, but if absorption fails deficiency results. An example of this is sub clinical hypothyroidism. The blood test shows normal levels of thyroid, yet hypothyroid symptoms persist. The cells are not balanced to the utilization of thyroid. By restoring the energetic communication (opening the thyroid meridian) and restoring the cells integrity a positive improvement will follow.  On the other hand, if the cells are not excreting their internal waste, a toxic overload will occur. Balance is vital.

Re-Establish the microflora that has been altered or destroyed by medications, antibiotics, poor diet, and diseases. This of course has to do with colon health. It has been said that all disease begins in the colon and the path to health is through the bowels. A woman might win a man through his stomach, but you will win back your health through your bowels.

Regulate internal ecology. Diet, stress, and mineral reserves all influence our body’s pH levels. The body usually does a very good job of maintaining the blood pH, but sometimes at the expense of other tissues. When our mineral reserves are low, pH values in urine will vary. Proper pH regulation is critical for optimum health – without which, an environment that allows opportunistic microbes to flourish can exist –   contributing to disease.

Repair the structure and function of tissues, organs and systems. Organs provide the power required to create our energetic fields, supplying communication and energy to our body. Although the Kreb cycle turns calories to energy, it is your organs that provide the power of your energetic field. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Accidents, traumas, illness, diet, stress and lifestyle abuses all can aggravate existing compromised functions or create new areas of weakness. By using nutrition and correcting the body’s energetic field to repair damage to our glands, organs, and systems amazing results occur. Sometimes your body does not have sufficient energy to heal. Repairing this area of energy flow is fundamental.

Replace nutritional deficiencies. Whole food nutrition opposed to fragmented and synthetic supplements provides the resources that allow your body to function optimally and repair itself effectively.   Remove any blockages to the healing process. All practitioners have seen patients who do not respond to treatments. These patients have a blockage to the healing process. Frequently, the problem is a blockage in the energetic meridians that need to be cleared. By evaluating your Bio-energetic field, the practitioner can identify damage to the meridians and toxins that are creating energetic errors. Energetic remedies, such as Infoceuticals, will unlock your body’s natural ability to detoxify. Our system like any combustion engine accumulates wastes. Internal waste can mimic hormones and interfere with cell function. Waste can be the underling cause to many symptoms. When the body overworks to eliminate waste, symptoms increase.

Reduce mental stress levels. Stress directly affects our health and immune system. When the body is nutritionally deficient we will not be able to handle stress. Embedded stress robs our natural resources creating imbalance and energetic weakness. By learning to release and reduce stress vitality will return.

The lifelong journey to vibrant lasting health is very worthwhile and valuable. Sometimes the road may seem difficult or tiresome, but when we stay the course the rewards are priceless.

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