“How Dr. Lachman helped my emotional distress and other areas of my life.”

Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Lachman’s, I was an inwardly desperate woman. My family & I were weathering a lawsuit, and while I was very conscientious about my diet, I didn’t feel well. Emotionally I was a wreck and every day it was a monumental struggle to make myself get out of bed. While there were bright spots, overall I was terribly depressed & losing hope of ever felling better. My doctor was not able to offer me much more than antidepressants & advice to eat well and exercise more. (My weight was creeping up even with a good diet and exercise). While I needed help, I wasn’t willing to go down the antidepressant path. In addition, I had severe eczema on my hands, my nerves were “shot” and I wasn’t much interested in anything. Read More
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