“I was flagged as having thyroid, gallbladder and liver issues”

I found Dr. Lachman at the fair and then came to him at his office back in about 2009. It is almost 2014 now. I was going through papers and found some notes and papers from that visit back in 2009. I was flagged as having thyroid, gallbladder and liver issues through the Asyra Pro system that is used by Dr. Lachman. Even though I wasn’t experiencing any of those problems at the time, they still showed up. Recently, I realized I needed to get back in to Dr Lachman’s office since now I have all those issues. In fact I was only 2 days from gallbladder surgery. It is amazing how the Asyra Pro system picked up these issues a couple of years before the symptoms occurred. So I cancelled the surgery and scheduled an appointment with Dr Lachman. I now have had my second visit and we are working on my health issues and they are improving.
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